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KNEE Surgery

Knee Replacement – MRI patient specific instrumentation is relatively new technique which assists the surgeon in obtaining the best alignment for the Total knee replacement. This usually involves the patient getting an MRI of their hip, knee and ankle about 4 weeks prior to their surgery. Instruments are created which are specific to the patients knee and are used in the operation. Dr Sameer has been using this technique for the last 3 years and is very happy with the results. Dr Sameer is also investigating the use of robotic surgery and this may become available in the near future.

ANKLE Surgery

Dr Sameer performs arthroscopic ankle surgery and ligament stabilisation for unstable ankles. For patients who have arthritic ankles options include arthroscopic techniques or open ankle fusions. Dr Sameer will perform ankle replacements for selected patients.

Flatfoot reconstructions (collapsed arch) for adults is performed allowing patients to resume a more normal gait.

Foot Surgery

Dr Sameer performs a wide range of surgeries for the forefoot including bunion surgery utilising minimally invasive (X-ray) techniques when appropriate. Disorders of tendons can require surgery including complex reconstructions.

Shoulder Surgery