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The following topics are only a few of the elective procedures that I routinely perform.

Hallux Valgus (Bunion)

Certain bunions can be corrected using a keyhole technique that utilizes burrs and screws to perform cuts in the 1st metatarsal bone and the proximal phalanx to correct alignment and relieve pain.

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Hallux Rigidus

Arthritic toes sometimes also called bunions may need to be fused. Again there is not much restriction as far as walking is concerned.

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Claw/Hammer Toe

Fixed deformities often need surgery. I use a combination of techniques to provide a straight toe.

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Flat foot surgery

When flat feet develop as one gets older. The cause is usually due to a failing or failed tendon (Tibialis Posterior). In the early stages of the condition the foot can be treated with appropriate footware and braces. However as the condition progresses various bones in the foot can be cut and realigned to provide a better gait for the patient. Ultimately as the condition progresses various fusions need to be performed.

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