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The following topics are only a few of the elective procedures that I routinely perform.

Knee Arthroscopy

Arthroscopic (“key hole”) surgery for the knee

I perform surgery for meniscal and cartilage injuries in the Knee. Certain meniscal tears can be repaired.

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction.

I perform ACL reconstruction using the Hamstring Tendons. I will also perform the LARS ligament reconstruction for selected patients.

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Patella dislocation

In certain cases of Patella dislocation, a ligament on the medial side of the knee can disrupt. Reconstruction of this ligament can prevent further dislocations from occurring.

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Knee Replacement

I perform computer assisted Knee replacement. Studies have shown computer navigation for Knee replacement results in more accurate alignment of the prostheses which in turn results in a longer lasting knee replacement.

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